Project Relove- A commission piece


Handmade using clay


Artisan Enhancements: Scrumble Glaze

Raised stencilling

Artisan Enhancements: Fine Stone

Create depth

Dry Brushing and glazes

Transfer decal

Instant images

A client commission.


The brief was simple...make it pretty and do whatever you like!


Starting off with a blank canvas which was very plain and 'boxy', I decided to create texture and eye-catching embellishments. 


The client was thrilled!

We can transform you preloved item.

If you know what you want, we can make it happen. 

Stuck for ideas? We have plenty of ideas to get you started

Top it off
Top it off

Inlaying a beautiful etcetc...

Detail in every view
Detail in every view

It's the finishing touches that make every piece unique

Beautiful and Practical
Beautiful and Practical

Every piece is designed to look good and to fit your lifestyle perfectly