PLEASE SELECT STANDARD DELIVERY OPTION With outstanding coverage and exceptional ease of use it is easy to see why furniture painters love our new Modern Finish Mineral Paint. Our unique paint formula offers outstanding adhesion and can be used directly on to wood, plastics, UVPC, plaster, concrete, glass, tiles, most metals and many other surfaces but best of all…Requires no primer before application, which will save you time, money and effort! It can take years of practice to achieve perfect results and produce the ultra smooth finish but the special ingredients in our paint can make even the most novice painter look like a professional! Unsightly brush marks are now a thing of the past as you can almost see the brush strokes disappear before your eyes with its amazing self levelling properties. Completely self sealing so there is now no need to wax or seal your piece after application. Our unique formula also ensures that once cured our paint is scuff resistant and moisture proof. You can even use it outside!

150ml Annabelle Duke Modern Finish Mineral Paint

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  • As with any quality paint, correct storage is important. Make sure you keep your paints above 0 degress Celcius. Exposure to very cold temperatures can damage your paint