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Sideboard commission

The brief was: make it pretty and do what ever you like!

Bee Proud Commission

A 'Bee Proud' commission piece- Metallic foiling, stencilling and more

Reloved Coffee table

Elegant reloved transformation

Twin Drawers

See how to sets of identical drawers, ended up so different

Reloved Chair

Commissioned work

Create something unique

Learn how to use raised stencilling, crackling and more on our advanced workshop

Unique mirror

Saved this one from landfill

Bold and Bright

Embrace colour with a bold pop of something bright

My first ever reloved piece

See how I first began

Go to the dark side

Love metallics with darks, timeless and elegant

Look at that wood grain!

love to mix the original grain in with the design

Change your decor

Don't like the colour of your current decor? No problem, I can transform your furniture to give it a brand new look